Shrink Ray Guide

                      Words and pictures by Hungry fish

Go to Shrink ray Island. There, go to the science fair. You’ll be in school. Go right, and you’ll see a door. You’ll be in the science fair. Go right to the corner, and you’ll see an empty project. And you’ll see C.J’s Parents. Talk to her dad. Use the third speech bubble. And he’ll reply


Exit the school and go to Avenue A. Oops! You let a cat in! Chase it, until it goes to the bathroom, and POOF! It’s gone. Go to C.J’s room and look into the microscope.


What do you mean ‘think small’? A guy will come, and blasts you with a shrink ray! Go on C.J’s bed and click on the book ‘learning morse code’. Go to the kitchen, and go up. Go right and go up on the drawer. Get the screwdriver.


That place is where you’d find the screwdriver. Go to the other side of the kitchen, and you’ll see a rolling dough. Push it, and the kettle will move. Jump on the end of the kettle, and use it to jump. Until you go on top of the shelf, push the dripping oil.


Until it falls. Go down, and push the cat food bowl near the cat food. Jump on top of the cat food, and it pours the food. Don’t get it too much okay! Push it to the end of the table, and grab the paper. It says that it smells like lemon juice. A piece of grape will fall. Grab it, and go to the other side of the kitchen.

Go here.


Plug the toaster, and grab the grape again. Stand on the toaster button, and you’ll jump to the shelf. You’ll see a saltshaker and a spatula. Push the saltshaker to the end of the spatula, and you’ll jump on the main side of the spatula.

You’ll jump on the fridge, get the remote control. Once you get it, go to the living room and go near the car(it’s a toy car!).  Use your screwdriver to open the batteries. Insert the batteries in the TV remote, and stand on the big green button. The TV will turn on. Climb on the antenna and get the static. Jump on the green balloon and you’ll stick on it. Jump to the picture, and you’ll be in a shelf. Push the fish food to the edge. And it’ll pour to the fish bowl. Turn off the aqua filter.


Swim down,


Get the diary key.

Go to C.J’s room. Jump to the shelf, and you’ll see her diary. Use the key to open it. A part of the page has been ripped, and you’ll see something…


There’s a picture of lemon+paper, and a part is missing! Anyway, go to the kitchen, and push the sponge to the ‘power clean’ spray bottle. Jump on the bottle, and jump on  the trash can. Enter it, and a piece of the torn page is there! To go there, just push stuff that blocks your way to make path. Get the paper, and go back to C.J’s room. To exit the garbage can, click restart, and leave trash.

In C.J’s room, go back to the shelf, and click ‘use’ on your torn page. A picture of a lemon+paper+light is in the paper. Go on this lamp,


Until it goes down, turn on the switch. Jump off the lamp, and put your lemon paper under the lamp. The paper will show words like these.



Go to the other side of the room, and push the trash can. Go to the right side of the room, and reach the thermostat. run to the right, until the circle goes red. Go to the left side of the room, and the garbage will fly. Jump on it until you reach the bed. Jump on the doll, and jump on the telescope.

The school coordinates are X-87 and Y-16. To change the coordinates, go left to change the number to a greater number, go right to change the number to a smaller number. Look into the telescope.

You’ll see C.J. She’s trying to speak to you by using morse code. If you don’t know what it is, it says ‘flush the thumb drive’. If you had pushed the fan down, turn it on and get the thumb drive. Go to the right side of the room, and click C.J’s computer. The password is m4r13cur13. It’s C.J’s email to



Use your thumb drive to back up the data.

Go to the bathroom, to get to the toilet, get to the hair dryer, and push it down. Push the red button, and use it to go up. You’ll be in the bathtub area.  Push the soap, and  fill the tub with water. Push the soap to the rubber ducky, and jump on the rubber duck. Go on the toilet, and flush the drive.

Go back to C.J’s room and look through the telescope. She’ll give you another message. The message says:



You gotta go to school and save C.J! Go back to the living room, and dismantle the batteries from the TV remote and insert the batteries in the toy car. Drive it to C.J’s room. Drive to the first side of her room. until you reach the rack. Go on top of the rack, and push a book called Tess’s tree and it will make a ramp. Drive forward, and you’ll burst to the window.

You have to drive to the school. Just avoid obstacles until you reach the school. Talk to C.J. Mr. Silva stole her shrink ray! And you have to make sure that Mr. Silva didn’t see you and C.J. But, too late!

Mr. Silva wants to catch you and C.J, and turn you to a small human! A mini game will come. Hide behind stuff, I’ll show you how…

Hide behind stuff. Don’t hide behind the beaker labeled ‘grape soda’. You have to go up to the table. To go up, jump over the river city yearbook, and hide. It’s important that you hide behind the globe. Go down, and push it to go up the chair(if Mr. Silva aims at you, hide behind the beaker, and go up). Go on the table, and hide. Hide behind the mirror and POOF! Mr. Silva will shrink to the ant farm, if you wanna go back to normal, press ‘grow’ on the shrink ray and C.J has a new project… Whatever that is…



Tee hee! Mr. Silva is the project… But, you’ll get a medal for your hard and small work!



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