Mystery Train guide

                     Words and pictures by Hungry fish

Go left you’ll see Thomas Alpha Edison

keep pushing...

Help him get his luggage to the train! You have to make a ramp. Do it like this.

like this

Click the board beneath these stuff and his luggage will go on board. He’ll give you a ticket to ride the train. :mrgreen: we only hep him move his luggage…

Ride the train and talk to EVERYONE. And also, go to everybody’s cabin. If you talk to George Ferris, you’ll get a telegram. If you talk to Susan B. Anthony, you’ll get a pamphlet. In the VIP car 2, get a pencil on the table. The table has a brown bag.

After you meet everyone, go back to Edison’s cabin. He created a new invention! It captures moving pictures. The device is missing! Edison taught you did it, but you didn’t! Now you’re on the case!

Talk to the New York times reporter. He might bring us a clue!

clue, untrue

Exit Edison’s cabin. Go to Mark Twain’s cabin. Talk to him about the clue. he said there’s he have nothing hide. But that’s a lie! Knock the walls until the a sound goes THUMP. But, that’s just his manuscript he wrote titled: The adventures of huckleberry Finn.  And the train stopped.

Talk to him.


That guy will blame the coal man. Talk to NY times reporter. He said the theft left a clue outside Edison’s door. Now the train got back.

There’s a purple smudges on the floor. Click it. And looks like it’s prune juice! You have find out who ordered prune juice! Talk to the porter, and seems like she/he won’t give you the info(depends on what gender your player is, then the porter will be like the gender of your player). She/he will rip the order sheet.

Seems like she left the notepad! There’s an imprint on the paper. Use your pencil and trace it. And this appear.


Seems like Tesla ordered the prune juice! But he won’t let you in his cabin. maybe there’s a clue in his luggage… Click it, and there’s coal smudges all over Tesla’s trunk. And floating scissors will come. You’ll get the scissors, and a clue will come. Talk coal man, and seems like..


Ask the porter, she/he says it’s true. Go back to the luggage car. You’ll see le monde reporter. Talk to her, and she came with a brilliant idea.


Go to the porter’s closet. Get his/her clothes and wear it. With the porter’s clothes, go to Tesla’s cabin.

In his cabin, talk to Tesla, and he’d like a refill on his prune juice. Grab the juice and you’ll pour it in his glass. After many times, he had to go to the WC and you know… while he’s gone, search for his trunk key. Search in every spaces in his room, until he goes near the door click the nearest place you see, and there’s the key.

After you get the key, go to the luggage car. Use the key to open it. There’s Edison’s device! And you’ll say.



Le monde reporter will inform the security guard, Tesla’s captured by them, and taken to the coal car. The porter asks you to return the device to Edison. Edison doesn’t believe that Tesla stole it. He’ll run the picture the device shot.

Go talk to Tesla. Since you can’t go there the easy way, do it the hard way. Go back to the luggage car. Go up to the roof. You’ll go there by walking on the roof. Avoid obstacles, until you go to the coal car.

There’s Tesla. Talk to him, and he left something in his cabin. Say

can i help


And he’ll say


Lol, he blinked

Of course you do! Use your pencil and he’ll give you a sketch of his cabin. Go to Tesla’s cabin and find the difference. Examine the paper and click USE. Click the pencil click this


The briefcase is open! Tell Tesla that. Once you get to the coal car, Tell him! Apparently, the briefcase was open! The briefcase contains a his most important invention! And how did someone open it? And Tesla will say


Um… You don’t have a neck, Tesla. Talk to Erik Weisz. He’ll say something strange…



Talk to NY times reporter. And he’ll say clue4

He’ll give you a copy of NY times. Read it, and seems like this Weisz guy is actually… HARRY HOUDINI! Go back to Erik Weisz cabin(AKA Harry Houdini). Grab his lock picks, and he’ll come back. There’s another passage to the roof! Go up, and he’ll run left until he falls, catch up to him, you’ll find this


Use your scissors to cut the rope, and surprise! Mr. Magician is here(I’m not insulting!). Use the lock picks to free him. You thought he was the thief, but he was trying to solve it himself. Now you have to find what is Tesla hiding, and you’ll find the thief!

Go back to the luggage car and walk on the roof and go to the coal car. You ask Tesla what thing he’s hiding, but you have to let him out of the chain! Use your lock picks, and what he’s hiding is…



Talk to Mark Twain, He’ll say a clue…



This ‘Mysterio guy’ is in the last car! Go there, and you might have a problem in the pinkerton’s car. Avoid the traps, until you go to the last car. The last car is the presidential suite. Maybe, the mysterious guy’s the president!

Talk to the man you see, and he’ll help you solve the mystery! First…



Prune Juice.

And Seems Like Tesla didn’t steal the device.



Sorry Tesla… ex2

Click the Trunk.



I know right, it’s weird!



Man, the thief is sneaky!



Yes, why?



Yes, I’ll keep listening…


Yes, of course!



Yes… why didn’t I think of that…






Yes! Thanks Mr. President!

Go back to the luggage car. Open the thieves’ trunk. Open the sheet, and look!!

france things


It has french stuff inside! Two french people are on board, Gustave Eiffel, and Le Monde reporter. But Mr. Eiffel seems like a nice, wise guy. So it must be Ms. french! If you don’t believe me…

untrue culprit


The train is stopping! And also, you have to stop her!

She’s trying to sabotage the fair!

Chase her to left, go up the stairs, and she’ll beg for help



And cry…



Gosh! What a drama queen! In the first part, you gotta stay up, or else the police will catch you. Once you reach the platform with the guy and the snake, Jump over the snake and go to the other side.

The second part, jump the totems. Until you reach the last totem, the guards will push the first totem, and all will fall. Go to the other side.

In this part, go up, until le monde drops the transformer. Catch it using the rope, and catch Ms. French. Instead she’ll fall to Harry’s water box trap. And take that! Click use on the transformer, and talk to Mr. President. He’ll will give you a medal! Congratulations!



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