Island Guides

In this blog, of course I provide Island guides. I hope that nobody copy and pastes the pages in this blog, that is called plagiarism. I worked hard on it and hope that someone can join the hungry team to help me work on my blog.

Anyways, Poptropica has many interesting islands. There’s characters, stories, and plot. Your job is to save each of the island’s problem, and you’ll be rewarded with a medal and credits. You use credits to buy clothes and thing at the poptropica store. Medallion is used for a proof that you completed that island. Let’s introduce you to the world of poptropica!

Early Poptropica Island

The oldest inhabitants in this island seems to be missing their precious stuff! Explore many things in here, and see how it all began in poptropica!

Early poptropica Island guide

Shark tooth Island

Citizens in this island has big trouble. Booga, the shark, haunts again shark tooth island! It’s your job to save the island, and explore all about shark tooth island!

Shark tooth island guide

Time tangled Island

A malfunctioning time machine has put the twist in time! Now, it’s YOUR responsibility¬†to go to the past and fix the future!

Time tangled Island guide

24 Carrot Island guide

Something strange here… People missing, disappearing carrots… Now it’s your job to find out what is happening, and turn this island back to normal!

Super power Island

A meteor crashed to this island’s prison, and the island has nothing but a place full of troubled citizens! Save it by using your ‘super hero powers’ and fight the super villains!

Spy Island

A super villain organisation called BALD, wreck havoc in this island! It’s you job to be a spy, and find your other spy mates!

Nabooti Island

For centuries, the Nabooti tribe has been protected by the seven jewels. Sadly, some of it are missing! You’ll go on an amazing adventure, until you find the missing gems!

Big Nate island

Enter the comic strip world of big Nate! Seems like, the school is in need of a time capsule, because the school is wrecking! Find it, and you can save the school from demolition!

Astro-knights Island

The Princess has been kidnapped, and taken to a far kilometres from poptropica! You’ll be in an intergalactic adventure to save the princess and save a kingdom, Arturus.

Counterfeit Island



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