Game Show Island Guide

                          Words and pictures by Super kid

Go to Game show Island. There’s a building called ‘robo-bling boutique. Go to the roof of that building. You should see a toolbox. Walk over it to get it. Go left, there’s a lamp post. There’s a ‘wanted’ board and the reward board. Picture I think it’s so not fair that humans get nothing… Go to left and there’s a sign says ‘factory’. Click it, and you’ll be somewhere. There’s a building called ‘factory’. Go inside it. Go up. To go up, go on top of the crane and click the up button and don’t stop clicking it. Go to this computer comp   You’ll hack in and it’ll open a door. Go to the corner and you have to open the main power, seems like it’s is screwed shut! Use your toolbox to open it. It’s easy just turn it left or right. Once you open it, click the robot factory switch and you’ll automatically go down. A worker will give you a fan. Go inside Club nouveau riche. Find this guy, I mean, robot! robot   Go in front of him(it), and equip your fan. Click him, and he’ll give you a nickel(You can play pool, my score is 2400). Turn off your fan, and go back to the factory area, but don’t go inside the factory! Go to the left corner, and you’ll see a hobo.  Give him your nickel and he’ll give you heat vision goggles. Go back to Club noveau riche. Scroll around until you see someone walking through the vent shaft. Exit the place. and stand here. stand Use your fan and point it on the floor. You’ll go up. Go up to this window. window   Use your toolbox to open the window and enter it. You’ll see that the AC is broken, and you’ll see the inventor. He doesn’t trust you but, you gotta talk to him. Jump to the upper platform and push the old music player to a thing and you’ll clear a path. The inventor will push a ball and you’ll fall. Go a little to right and climb a rope. Jump to the stairs until you reach this. ac   To open it use your goggles, and some of the buttons lighted up. The passkey is 2014. You’ll see the inventor and he thought that you’re gonna hand him over to Holmes. You’re here to help because handing him over to Holmes isn’t worth it. The inventor wants you to look at his uPad. Things didn’t turned out as he wanted. To save this Island, you have to be a champion on every game show. He’ll give you a jet remote control. Use it, and go to Istanbul. Go right, and you’ll see a sign says ‘Site under repair. Do not pass!’ but you have to pass it. Talk to a worker there. Say “Can I help?” and there’s a mini game.


How to do it:

Put the first piece on the third podium.

Put the Second piece on the 4th podium.

Put the First piece on top of the second piece.

Put the third piece on the third podium.

Put the first piece on top of the fourth piece.

Put the second piece on top of the third piece.

Put the first piece on top of the second podium.

Put the fourth piece on the fourth podium.

Put the first piece on the second podium.

Put the second piece on top of the fourth piece.

Put the first piece on top of the third piece.

Put the second piece on the second podium.

Put the first piece on top of the second piece.

Put the third piece on top of the fourth piece.

Put the first piece on the third podium.

Put the second piece on top of the third piece.

Put the first piece on top of the second piece.



The guy thanks you and gives you a ticket to a game called ‘scaredy pants’.


In this game there are three games.


Darkness dive. You’ll be in a platform and you have to swim until you get a glow stick. Do it in less than 60 seconds and you’ll get first place. The first  place gets 10000 points. And I mean less than 60 seconds, then I mean maybe you have to do it 30 seconds.


Creeper creeps. It’s EASY. Just grab animals and put them in the right bins but, you have to do it quickly! My record is 29 seconds. The first place points is 12000 points. The second is 6000.Try to get first place!


Tightrope terror. It’s HARD. You have to balance on the tightrope. You only have 5 tries! The first place points is 18000, and the second place is 9000. If you won first place on the first and second game, being the second place in this game is acceptable. Don’t fall forward and don’t fall backward. If you reach the red area, you’ll fall.

After you win, go to Miami.

You’ll fall. Go right and there’s a robot arguing with another robot. The girl’s mad cause the guy replaced her with another model. Ventana(the girl robot) will push stuff. Save it! Talk to the guy robot, and use the second speech bubble. Help him retrieve the things! To ensure a safe passage, you need to step on each window thing and tilt it until it goes to the robot. He’ll be so happy.


After you saved his precious things, he’ll give you a ticket to play ‘spin for riches’. I think he’s hoping that you’d lose… But you are not gonna lose!


In this game you’ll compete in 3 rounds. You can choose between solve or spin. I’d choose SOLVE. Each word is 100 points, and you get 1000 for winning a round. It’s easier to solve. If you don’t know it, just search for the answer.

Next, go to Buenos Aires. Go right, and you’ll see a big television and look! You’re there! Never mind that! Go to the clock tower and you’ll see this.




Click it, and seems like the clock isn’t working. If only you could turn these rings, the power will be back on! But they look heavy so you can’t turn it! Glad the yellow robot can help. The outer ring will be ring 1, the middle ring will be ring 2, and the last is ring 3. Just click ring 1, ring 3 and ring 2 simple! The robot will give you a game show ticket. The game show is called Kerplunk.

game show


The game is like wipeout. Do it fast and you’ll win first place!

First round:

The first round, you have to pass the boot boxes. Tip: to pass, wait for the box you wanna pass until it pops up a boot. After that, there’s a waterfall, avoid the falling barrels and jump to the red platform. There will appear stairs. Grab the swinging thing, and jump to the next stair platform. There’s a canon that shoots purple stuff. Jump to the swing giant cake, until you jump to a weird platform and you finished it!

Second round:

You have to go straight right, and pass the wheel. Struggle it until you reach a big button and screen. Push the button(Stand on it) and the garbage will fall in a slow 5 seconds. Before the garbage falls, you have to stand on the ‘X’ platform. And you’ll finish the game.

Third round:

It’s the easiest round. Jump on the platforms to go up. Don’t jump on the platform you wanna jump when it shakes. Don’t stay too long an the platform you’re standing.

You won! Go to Moscow.

Talk to this robot.



He seems worried. Talk to him and it seems like he got hit by an Icicle. You should help him! Try to guess the code. Click the window and click the yellow button to make sure it’s correct or not. Just leave the windows all blue, second, yellow, third, purple and orange. To know the code, put them in the right color.

A helicopter will come, talk to the robot and he’ll give you a ticket to brainiacs!

The game is like a quiz show. Pick a question and guess it. Buzz first and you’ll get points. Example: World of poptropica. You pick it for $100. If you get it wrong, you’ll lose $100.

You win! Go to Tokyo. Enter the service entrance and you’ll play a mini game. It’s simple. Connect the pipe by using the tubes, and let it flow. But you have to hurry before the water flows! Do it 3 times and Mr. Yoshi will come to a giant screen.

mr yoshi


A robot want you to compete in that game. He’ll give you a ticket. Play the game.

First game: Spell ‘YOSHI’  in order

Second game: Click and click until you get out of the egg.

Third game: Knock over the bowling pins.

Think you’re done? Not yet… Go back to main street and you’ll see Holmes looking for you.



Don’t let any robot catch you! Jump down and go to the manhole cover. You’ll see the inventor. You’ll be in Holmes’ inner sanctum. He’ll give you a thumb drive.

To stop him, crack the security code. it’s sorta like a puzzle. It’s a bit hard, takes me 15 minutes to do it, but try your best!

After you finish the first puzzle, a RoboCop will come and says you’ll never gonna get away with this! But i did 😀 Once you finish all the puzzles, there’s Holmes. Go to your inventory and use your thumb drive. Holmes will go back to normal and EVERYTHING will be back to normal. And you’ll get a medallion! Yay!





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