Charlie and the chocolate factory guide

                      Walkthrough written by Hungry fish 

                      Words and pictures by hungry fish

Go to Charlie and the chocolate factory island. You’ll see Charlie. Talk to him, and he’ll say.





“I’d do anything for a Wonka bar!”…. “But I haven’t got any money.” Then he’ll walk away and to his home… Go right, that’s where Charlie lives. Go to the corners. Click the third payphone.


When you clicked it, you’ll get coin. Go right, and Charlie will come out of his house and he’ll say



“Cabbage water for dinner again.. Yuck!”. Go back to Main street.

Go to Corner shop, you’ll see charlie. Talk to Charlie. Charlie will say




Since he REALLY wants a wonka bar, give him your coin.



And Charlie will buy a…



Fudgemallow delight! He asks you to open it. Just pull it down and… Surprise!


A golden ticket! There’s 3 people coming and they’ll get JEALOUS, and pay Charlie for the golden ticket. But, you tell Charlie to run. But, they’re blocking the way! Push them, and Charlie will exit the store, you too. A mini game will come



Knock over everything there. When you’re done, Charlie will thank you.



The next morning, those three people is still looking for Charlie! But shh! Something is happening! Apparently, there’s a sixth ticket! Those three will try to catch it. But it flew to the other side(the left). This is your chance! Chase it, until it goes here.


And yay! You got a golden ticket! Enter the chocolate factory. Talk to EVERYONE and the door will open. There came Willy Wonka. All the kids will introduce themselves to Mr. Wonka. Once in there, all the kids will misbehave. Mr. Wonka wants you to get his cane. Here’s the cane.



Now go right, and Mr. Wonka and Charlie’s gone. Fall down to ‘mind the drop’, and you’ll be in the maze room. There, you’ll see this thing.



Click the ‘chocolate’ and the pointer hand will point to the left. Follow it until you reach the chocolate room. There, you’ll see Augustus Gloop. He’ll swim   to the chocolate river and he’ll get sucked. To save him, turn this wheel.



Seems like, he’s still stuck.



Turn this wheel



Now turn this one


Think he’s saved? No! He’ll be transported to the fudge room. There came two oompa loompas will come and go to the fudge room with Mrs. Gloop. You go to the fudge room also.

There, you’ll see Augustus stuck up in a machine. Turn the wheel on the machine.



He’ll go down in a conveyor belt. Hurry! Push this button before he’s crushed!



He’ll fall to ANOTHER conveyor belt. Press the blue fire


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