Big Nate Island Guide

Go to Big Nate Island. You’ll see Nate there. He’ll say “Don’t tell me, let me guess, you’re here to join the search!” and you’ll say “Uh… What search?” and he’ll say “The search for a time capsule that’s hidden a hundred years ago! Supposedly it’s got an amazing treasure inside. Everyone’s trying like crazy to find where it’s buried!” and say “Where am I?” and he’ll reply “Big Nate Island! Nice name huh?” and like, No it’s not! And ask him “Who are you?” and… “Big Nate! Nice name huh?”

Now time for you to collect the pieces. Go on top of the roof of a photo studio called ‘say cheese’. There’s a pole there. Climb it, and there’s a paper. Walk over it to pick it up.

Now go to pop-in shoppe. Go upstairs to the green couch and pick up another comic piece.



Now exit that place. Go to ‘say cheese’. Grab the picture in this place



The paper is in the spotlight. Exit the building, go right to the school area. You’re outside the school. Get the paper here



On the bricks. Now go inside the school. Get the comic strip page here


It’s on the broken speaker. Next, go to science lab. Make a stink bomb, its a mixture of blue liquid and yellow liquid. To make the bomb, set the stove to 4, pour the blue one and the yellow one until it goes green. Simple! For the comic piece, it’s here.



It’s on the little blue planet. Now exit the science lab and exit the school. Go to the playground. There’s the comic piece flying in the sky. Just try to catch it! Now go to the ‘kids only’ room. You have to win this game.



Just guess letters until you get it right. Nate will give you peanut butter crackers. Exit the playground, go right, to puffin point. There’s a fling paper there. grab it, it’s the old photograph of the making of puffin point! Go on top of the light house, grab the comic piece. You see a man on the lighthouse. He’s Mr. Rosa! Look at his telescope and see a rock with a paper under it. Go to main street, and go to say cheese. Talk to school picture guy and use the third speech bubble.


He’ll give you the scuba gear. Now back to the puffin point and wear the scuba gear. Dive underwater and get captain salty’s lobster trap.



Next to me, there’s a lobster trap. Walk over it to pick it up. Talk to captain, say “I have your trap!”. Captain will give you his lobster and his jet ski keys. You ride the jet ski. Seems like Nate wants to race you. You have to beat Nate. Avoid obstacles until you arrive at seelsaw rock.

Push the seal until they’re here



Until the paper is seen, grab it. It’s a map to the time capsule! Ride back to puffin point, go to your inventory and examine comic piece. Put it like this.



Close it. Go to main street, go to klassic komix. Talk to the guy and he’ll give you a bubblegum. And the comic looks different.



Now go back to school. Go inside it, and open Nate’s locker. The combination is nine three zero five. Click the papers and you’ll get a school blueprint.



Apparently, in the detention room, there’s a secret passage. To get to detention, go to your inventory and use your bubblegum and Ms. Godfrey will send you to detention.  You can’t talk to Ms. Godfrey to move away so, use your stink bomb! She will go away and open the file cabinet and go down. And turn on the lights. Get the bell clapper and exit the school.

Go to puffin point and go on the place where the light came from the lighthouse. Use your lobster and the birds from the school bell will go away.  Back to the school and go to the roof. Use your bell clapper and the girls in the playground will go away.

Go back to to playground and use you peanut butter crackers. Put in one place and the dog (Spitsy) will dig. Put it here.



That grey thing is the time capsule. Get it, and pull it, open it. It’s a pearl! Nate wants to deal it with money, but his crush says he saved the school! No fair! I found it, not him! Anyway, there’s the news saying…


Close it, and you’ll be in school. Miss Godfrey will give you a medal and credits to spend at the poptropica store!






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