Astro knights guide

Go to Astro-Knights Island. You should be in a place called ‘Arturus’. There’s to be a fountain. There’s something shiny there. Grab it, and look! It’s a coin!

Go to the red building next to the fountain. The place’s name is ‘Museum of Mordred’ and enter it. The guy asks you for a coin to enter the museum and he says “you can have this pamphlet, tough. Go to your inventory and use your coin.

Click the pile of books next to you. The guy doesn’t want you touching anything (except the floor :D). He’ll give you a library slip you see the words McM underlined with red marker.

Go right, to the other side of Arturus. You’ll be in the castle of Aurturus. Enter the castle, the castle has a big wooden door. Go left and enter the small door. There’s the maid room. Click the third speech bubble saying “Where did you take the messages?” and she’ll reply “I would leave them on the fountain in the town square!”

Go right to the bedside table. You’ll receive a secret message saying “We must change our password! I feel my parents will find out what we are doing and put an end to it!”.Exit the room.

Go right and to the next little door. You’ll be in a crushed library. Go to the top left corner(not really the top) and grab the shining book. The book is called The mystical weapons of aurturus

Go down, and go to the rack, M-S. Click McM.

Click the circled area!

There’s a passageway. Go down there and you’ll be in the castle dungeon. Grab the moldy cheese. Click the lever and  small passageway will open. Go back and the old man will get mad at you


Yeah, yeah, yeah… bla, bla, bla…

Exit the library. Go upstairs and enter the small door. You’ll meet the queen and king

Talk to the queen and use the third speech bubble saying “Can you think of anything else that will help me?” and the queen says “Three knights set off to find the princess, and left us this.”. The queen will give you coordinates. The first one is X-73 Y-83 the second is X-15 Y-15 the third is X-83 Y-20.

Exit the room and go to the maid room again. Go to your inventory and use the moldy cheese. The mouse will the go to your inventory. Now exit the room and exit the castle.

Go right, to the ye olde rumour mile. Talk to the guy with a shovel. He’ll say “need a bag of manure? There’s more than enough to go around” and he’ll give you a bag of manure. YUCK!

enter the ‘ye olde rumour mile’. Go up and pull this rope.

Now talk to a girl. She looks like a goth girl and she’ll say “Tell me your secret and i’ll tell you mine!” and you’ll automatically give your secret message to her and she’ll say “I can see you’re a member of the order. Here’s the new password for entrance” and sh’ll give you the new password. The paper is called cosmic symbols.

Exit the windmill and go grab a coil of rope. It will go to your inventory. Go to the Castle of Arturus. Go up to the roof and you’ll see a knight with a giant bow. Use your rope and aim it to the princess’ room.

Surprise! There’s no princess… Grab the princess’ note. It’s in the chest. The letter seems to contain something like “his secrets under the bed”.

Exit the room. Go left to the main street and back to the museum. Go upstairs, and there will be a bed. There’s many papers there. Click it, and you’ll receive a missing page from Mordred’s journal.

Exit the museum, go to the fountain and click the cosmic symbol stuff. Click this BY ORDER

1. Moon

2. Saturn

3. Star

4. Sun

A passageway will open. Go down, and you’ll arrive in a secret sanctum.  Talk to the boy who gave you the manure. He said that “we found a key”. You’ll receive a small key.

Go back up, and go to the ye olde romour mile. Push the haystack, and it’ll open a manhole cover. Use the key to open it.

You should be in Mordred’s hideout. There’s a mechanical owl. Chase until it goes up, when it does, go to your inventory and click release on your mechanical mouse. The owl eats the mouse and you’ll say “I think I’ve made a new friend!”. Go back to Mordred’s hideout, and grab the purple book, Mordred’s journal. Go right, and your path is blocked! Keep pushing and go to a little hole there.

You’ll be back in the castle dungeon. The robot will self destruct and a green stuff will go out. Go near the gate and and click your owl to grab that stuff. The name of the stuff is fuel rod.

Exit the dungeon and exit the hideout also. Go on top of ye olde rumour mile.

Roll around the windmill until it opens a passage. Enter, there will be a thing there. Use your manure as a fuel for that thing.

Exit that place, and use that thing to cross the mud because you don’t wanna sink in the mud. You have to find this space ship, or maybe this is a UFO

Click the ship and put your fuel rod in. And the coordinates are X-56 Y-52. Click launch to launch it into space.

You’ll be out of poptropica, and warning! Fuel rod depleted! You’ll land on a moon, namely pewter moon.

In there, you’ll see aliens. Go up, and enter a building. The building is called astrozone! Talk to the alien guy. He’ll say “Welcome to astrozone! How can I help you?”. Use the third speech bubble saying “how can I get off of this planet?”. He said that you can build a new one. And Great! Thanks!

Exit the building and click the holopad. You can make your own spaceship and you should choose with the one with more shield than speed. The guy alien says that you can teleport back here if you ran out of shield!

Enter you new spaceship and launch it using the computer. Go to Jungle planet. The coordinates are X-15 Y-15. Just go up and up until you see a planet.

Exit your spaceship, go down. Grab the laser lance. It’s sort of a sword. Go back to your spaceship platform, the jump to the swinging platform, and to the next spinning platform and to the next platform and avoid those shocking bugs! After you land on the last platform, go right.

There’s a knight in green armor. Talk to him and use the third speech bubble saying “What should I do?” and the knight says “Someone or something is being held in that cage. It might be the princess!”. And he said use the laser lance to open the cage.

Climb the rope, and wait until a bird pops outta the egg. Now jump on it and do the same thing to the second until the fourth egg. And jump to the cage! Apparently, it’s a unicorn! Click the cage to open it with the laser lance. And look mother phoenix is coming! A mini game will come out. Avoid everything that comes into you execpt the clouds 😀 but, avoid the lightning cloud because it can struck you! When mother phoenix comes, just shoot it 1 time every time she comes.

After you’re done, the knight says it’s just another trick and he’ll accompany you while you’re searching for the princess. You’ll be in your spaceship. Launch it to fire planet and those coordinates are X-83 Y-20.

Go up using the rocks that is floating by the help of the lava. Until you reach the top, go up to this volcano

Enter the volcano. Don’t move when there’s yellow lights and move when it stops. You can avoid it by standing in the corners. When you find a knight in red armor, talk to him and he’ll give you his arrow. Go left, and battle the dragon.

To defeat the dragon, climb the chains and get behind the dragon. Click the lever and the dragon will close his eyes and open his mouth. Here’s your chance to shoot him! Shoot his mouth with the arrow. You have to be fast because if you reach your body temper to full, you have to restart… do this until he’s defeated. When you’re done, the knight will also follow you.

Launch your spaceship. Go to Ice planet and the coordinates are X-73 Y-83. There’s a black hole nearby. When you’re sucked there, you’re transported to pewter moon. Although, when you see a space shark, lure them to the black hole. There should be 3 sharks. If you crash a  shark, you will be automatically transported to pewter moon.

When you arrive at Ice planet, You’ll be in an icy surface and don’t swim cause you will freeze! Avoid the robotic fishes and go right to the other side of the planet and you have to climb a mountain. Avoid the ice balls! When you’re on top of the mountain, talk to an ice-knight. Use the third speech bubble saying “Can you help me?” and the knight says “Yes! Take this shield, and with it, defeat the beast!” He’ll give you a force shield. It’s like a necklace with a magic crystal.

There’s some sort of tiger helicopter you have to defeat. That thing will shoot you with ice balls. Good thing you have a shield! Now use your shield to reflect the ice balls to the tiger. If your shield wears out, it needs to recharge. And when you’re shieldless, avoid getting ice.

When you’re done, the knight will follow your quest. You’ll automatically be in your spaceship. Launch your spaceship, and go to Crystal gate. The coordinates are X-11 Y-82. It’s not a planet, it’s an asteroid. Go up on top, and you’ll see the three knights who joined you on your quest. There’s a giant crystal on top of there. The crystal has the words “When four knights of the quest are gathered, the chosen one may pull the key from the stone” Who is the chosen one? YOU! Just click the key to pull it (so easy…). It will open a portal. Enter the portal.

Go down, talk to a girl. Apparently, that girl is the princess!(don’t get blinded). She’ll say “hooray! You’ve found me! Now quick, I need the three mystical weapons to destroy this evil place!” and you’ll give your laser lance, your force shield necklace, and your Ice arrow 😥 but i love the laser lance… Anyway, the princess thing was a FAKE! Binary bard fakes to be the princess and thanks you for giving the things and he’ll say something and the evil laugh… he’ll disappear.

Click this thing.

This is based on how to do it. Do it in order and you’ll get this picture

It would also be a door. Enter it, and there’s the REAL princess trapped there. She’ll say HELP!!! Mordred and plans to make me his bride, So he can rule the universe as king!” You gotta stop Mordred! And EW! Who wants to marry him?

You’ll defeat him using Merlin, the owl. Mordred will be in a machine throwing you  things. You grab the black ball stuff and it’s a bomb. Drop it on top of the green orb and only drop it when it’s red. Do this two or three times and Merlin will be destroyed. When Merlin is totally broken, now it’s YOUR time to shine! Go near the robot and the princess will say “Jump up the robot to reach me!”. Jump the robot and go up to the chandelier and wait until you get zapped (tip: jump when you’re about to get zapped) and jump to the next chandelier. Until the green orb falls down, get near it and the princess will be free! Binary bard will come and says “The orb is mine!!!” and the princess comes out and says “I don’t think so!” and the princess will hit Binary bard, and you’ll arrive in the castle of Arturus. The king will gave you the Astro knights medal, and 50 credits to spend at the poptropica store!


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