24 Carrot guide


Go to 24 Carrot Island. There you are in an abandoned main street… Head right and enter a hardware store called: ”Charlie’s carrot surplus.co”.

Inside, talk to Charlie (the shopkeeper) and ask her “Felling down?” and She’ll tell you that she lost her cat (the cat’s name is whiskers), and if you can find the cat Charlie will give you a free crowbar!

Leave the store, and go left where you see a sign labeled ‘carrot farm’. You’re in the old abandoned carrot farm! There, you’ll see an old house and… OH NO! You can’t get in! No problem! Jump until you reach the chimney and enter the house

. In the house, you’ll see a bowl on the floor. Walk by it to pick it up.

Now get outta the house. And you can do that by doing the same thing you came there. Go right to the main street and go to carrot king diner and talk to this lady

Ask her to fill your bowl with milk. She’ll give you some. Go back to the house and you will automatically put the bowl on the floor.

Go right and go to the second floor using the black rope and go to the bathroom and in the bathroom, there should be a bathtub. Turn one of the faucet(I prefer the red one) and whiskers will fall down.

Chase the cat down until the bowl you put and whiskers will gain your trust and will follow you. Like so…

Go back to the main street and enter the hardware store. Charlie will be so happy if she sees whiskers. Charlie will give you the crowbar as she promise…

Go right and click the sign says ‘factory’. Climb onto the roof of the factory and you’ll get a blueprint.

Go down, and there will be some skulls and there will be a big pipe. Click on the top of the pipe and you’ll pry and pry until you got it open and go in.

You should be in the sewer of the factory. There’s a some kind of carrot machine lying around. Grab it, and that thing is named Carrot Transporter. With that, you can exit the factory the easy way. Go up and you’ll get past these:

It’s not hard, just get past it and then go across. Watch out for the rats and stuff! Jump and you’re in the other side of the factory.

You’re in a part of the factory, namely the engine room. Go left until you reach a machine called ‘the master engine’

Pull the middle switch on the master engine, pull the switch to the right of the middle switch to the middle, and pull the switch to the left of the middle switch to the middle. The lights will be on.

Go right until you reach a pile of wooden boxes.  Jump up onto the top of the top wooden box.  From there, jump up onto the red platform to the left of you.  Go left until you get to a pile of barrels.  Jump onto the top of the pile, and from there jump up onto the pile of wooden boxes to the left.

You get onto the top of the pile, jump up onto the red platform next to you, and jump up onto the top crate.

There’s something that looks like claw that moves back and forth. When it gets close to you, JUMP! Until it moves to the next platform jump again.

Go right, and you’ll see a vent. Go inside the vent and now you’re in the vent. Use the blueprint for a map. You’re here


And you should go to the processing room. Along your way to the processing room, pick up a pair of wire cutters.

When you’re inside the processing room, wait until the security system take you somewhere.

Seems like you’ve been transported to the freezer. Jump until you reach a metal door and click it. There will be 3 different wires and there’s a writing on the metal saying: “Find the wire cutters in the vent shaft”. That is… If you haven’t picked up the wire cutters.

Click on the wires to cut them. Cut all three of them and that way, it will disable the security system. Jump to a pile of crates next to you,  jump on top of the lamp then jump to a red platform.

Enter the vent system, find your way to the processing room. In the processing room, go down. You’ll see two poptropicans(one boy and one girl). Talk to the girl and there will be three speech bubbles.  The two speech bubbles doesn’t work because she’ll reply “cant talk, must process carrots”. The third speech bubble would work. The thrid speech bubble says “Look behind you!” and she’ll look behind and says “where?”. Now you gotta turn off the rabbot ears. An on/off button will appear, and click the button. She’ll go back to normal.

Talk to the boy, and also, the first and the second speech bubble won’t work. Use the third speech bubble saying “Look! A flying buffalo!”. Turn off the rabbot ears like you did it on the girl’s ears. The boy advised that you should find rabbot ears before Dr.Hare gets you.

Go right until you see metal door with a sign ‘Authorized bunny drones only!’. Click the door and you will be transport to a room namely smelter room. You’ll land on a conveyor belt. You’ll see a thing moving up and down as in, smashing. Avoid getting smashed. If you do, you’ll pop up in a few secs.

After getting un-smashed, there will be a machine that squirts orange liquid .  Avoid getting squirted and you’ll see the smashing thing and there will be orange liquids and jump at the pipe at the end of the conveyor belt.From there, jump on the red platform and get the rabbot ears and put it on. Click the pipe labeled ‘exit’ and back you go to the processing room.

Go back to the vent and find your way to the printer room. When you’re in the printer room, go down and watch out for falling crates! There will be a girl with rabbot ears. Use the third speech bubble saying “Hey, what’s that behind you?”. Turn off the rabbot ears and she’ll print out a piece of paper. Get the paper. The paper has the system password. And not the best password… namely, fuzzybunny

Go back to the vent and to processing room. Go back to the metal door that trapped you to the smelter room before. Make sure you get the rabbot ears on because if you don’t,you’ll be sent back to the smelter room.

Go inside the room, you’re now inside the rabbot room. There’s a poptropican-sized pink bunny called doctor hare.

He’ll tell you to get to the computer, and start the launch sequence. This is your chance to destroy his evil plans! Jump on the platforms until you reach a platform with a computer. On that platform, there’s a boy wearing rabbot ears. Disable it and he’ll say, you gotta stop Dr. Hare!

Click the computer, and screen appear words like, ENTER PASSWORD. Type it fuzzybunny(no spaces). Press enter on YOUR computer and the computer accepts the password

Computer will now ask for the command. Type launch rabbot and press  POOF! Off the rabbot goes to outer space! There’s a red controller. Use it to control the rabbot. Make sure you run the rabbot to meteorites. Until it hits 4 meteorites, it’s destroyed.

Get out of the factory using the carrot transporter and talk to the mayor. 24 carrot is finally happy again!

And the mayor will give you 50 credits to spend at the poptropica store! Congratulations!

And bad luck for doctor hare….


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